Waiting Without

by randy richardson




Waiting Without
I've had my doubts of leaving without you here,
I'm waiting without, I can't live without you dear,
I'm here now waiting without you...

Verse 1
I used to be a different person living just like a dream but now it's over,
So I'm left searching for my four leaf clover,
Lost and empty feelin like a shell,
I'm lashing out, screaming out and yelling out "Why the Hell?"
Did I have to figure out the truth too late,
That time won't wait,
We gotta give it all we got and never hesitate,
maybe if we contemplate the meaning of the past,
We'll finally find the kind of life we hope will last,
But the line is getting thinner that I walk on,
I don't know if whether I should hold on or move on,
And get on with my life and not dwell on,
What I used to have but is better left dead and gone,
It would seem that fate's a very fickle thing,
You never know the types of ups and downs that it brings,
But it's the type of thing that we all learn in due time,
When we sacrifice out future for the past and so I'm...

Here now waiting without you,

Verse 2
And so the course is undecided,
My body left in limbo 'cause my brain is still divided,
Just like the chasm that you left here when you lied,
When you said that we would take it on together,
but, admit, you never tried,
So why should I sit alone and wait for,
A version of the future that I know I am too late for?,
Cause the crowd is getting restless and the song is getting old,
The lyrics all cliche and the story been told but,
It's all just a state of mind,
The way we live our lives and the way we are defined,
So I'll let you lead yours and you let me lead mine,
Maybe in time reflect and unwind,
And find out what we been missing,
And turn it all around if you'd only just listen,
But instead you keep pretending everything is just fine,
On the edge of leaving it behind but still I'm...

Here now waiting without you,


released June 20, 2015
With Kevin Hogan, Walt Sapsai and Frank Degenarro



all rights reserved


randy richardson Millville, New Jersey

Randy Richardson is a singer, guitarist and recording engineer from New Jersey. He has been a member of such groups as The Turnstyles AKA, Cheezy and The Crackers, Redhouse and Drop Dead Sexy. He has released several CD's, appeared on the Guitar Center: "Fresh Cuts" comp. alongside Sublime w/ Rome and has shared the stage with such bands as The Wailers, Live and Less Than Jake just to name a few. ... more

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